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Fresh Start

Friday and Today we have been re-charging everything. What does this mean? Well the weather is Not cooperating as it’s not getting below freezing at night, which means no sap. We use this as a chance to do a quick rinse on all 200 buckets, power wash all sap tanks, empty the evaporator and clean it. One thing we’ve learned is if sap sits in the evaporator in warm weather it gets, we’ll just call it what it is ... gross and nasty. It spoils.

This also gives us a chance to recover from Wednesday mishaps. It always happens every year, something burns, breaks, spills over. This year it was all together. Tuesday, Dave’s guardian angel ushered him out of harms way when an ash tree fell right where he had been collecting a bucket. Wednesday the float caught in the pan causing the flu pan to run low on sap and singed it. Wrapping up the sugar house for the night I dropped the hydrometer while cleaning it and broke it. Finally I neglected to turn off the canning pan before heading in. Needless to say it was crispy by morning. Ugh! Sap is flowing today so we can

collect and start cooking tomorrow.

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