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Meet us


Kathy is a pediatric occupational therapist working with birth to three year olds with developmental delays. Back on the farm, she is responsible for seed starting, flower cutting, weeding, and management of the sugar house during sugaring season. In addition to enjoying the peace that is garnered while outside digging in the dirt and listening to the music of nature, she enjoys music, playing the guitar and piano, driving horses, hiking, traveling with my family and exploring the world and this amazing USA.

Dave is a life insurance producer and financial broker with Primerica, helping families to become debt free, properly protected and financially independent. Back on the farm, he is in charge of most aspects of maple syrup production, wood cutting, general labor for all aspects of the farm, and is responsible for all farm product sales. He enjoys the process of working in the earth, planting and nurturing to grow beautiful and tasty products. He enjoys dogs, fishing, cooking, hiking, traveling, and downhill skiing.


Levi is the oldest and graduated with a degree in criminal justice. He works at Perrigo in Allegan, MI. On the farm, he helps in any way he is able from collecting sap, to assisting in the sugar house. He enjoys traveling, history, any outdoor activities, and is an avid fisher and hunter.

Mariah graduated with her Juris Doctorate from University of Detroit Mercy Law School, and now works for Kreis Enderle in Portage, MI! On the farm, she enjoys being involved in the sales of products and often is at our bigger craft shows with her big smile and enthusiastic energy. She LOVES puppies, music, traveling, outdoor activities, drawing, painting, sewing, and anything that is arts and crafty!

Hannah owns a social media marketing and website design company called Zongo, LLC. On the farm, she enjoys the syrup cooking process, selling products at the shows, and creating our website. Hannah has traveled to 19 countries and over half of the US States. She enjoys photography, conservation, hiking, traveling, drawing, painting, and swimming.  

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