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Our History

Norman and Nancy Miller and their ten children began production on our family farm in 1976. The family produced syrup for many years in the sugar house located near their rustic log cabin. In the late 1990's, production was stopped as most of the children had grown and left the farm. in 2001, Kathryn returned to the family farm with her husband, Dave, and their three children. In 2006, they began producing syrup once again, and two years later the Michigan Department of Agriculture inspected and licensed the sugar house. This allowed the maple syrup to be sold anywhere. In 2019, the sugar house became a licensed kitchen, allowing us to sell jams, jellies, and fruit butters in the USA. 


We are a small operation with 750 taps and we pride ourselves in making top quality syrup. This means we ensure that the syrup is drawn off from the evaporator and finished to the proper density before bottling. We only fill each bottle with pure Michigan maple syrup, love, and joy. Our three children, Levi, Mariah, and Hannah, have been instrumental in our production since our start in 2006. They participate in each phase from tapping trees, collecting sap, stoking the wood-fired evaporator, finishing the syrup, bottling, and the lengthy clean-up process. 

We hope you enjoy our syrup and can feel the love and joy in each bottle!

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